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The Legacy

Available in Kindle Unlimited 


Toe curling swoony moments

Super sexy moments 

A Dirty talking Alpha 

And brilliant heroine who brings him to his KNEES. 


Heir to a fortune, Hayes Rivers has been raised to lead.

Just as he finally claims his legacy, he falls in love with a woman 

who is the opposite of everything he should want. 

Family secrets call everything he believes into question -

And put him and his new love on opposite sides of a lawsuit.

Can he salvage his family’s name and his new relationship?

Hayes is smart, powerful, rich, and oozes sex appeal. As heir to the Rivers Family failing businesses and dwindling fortunes, he’s determined to restore his family’s reputation and restore their wealth. He’s still a billionaire, but he wants to return his family to their former glory. His messy divorce has left him wary of gold diggers and even more determined to protect his family, and himself from people who are only interested in him for his wealth. 


Books he appears in


Main character 

The Legacy

The Gathering

Secondary character 

The Legend,

The Jezebel

The Daredevil 


Personal background



Nickname (s) 



Jason and Dorothy rivers


Stone Rivers

Beau Rivers

Dare Rivers

Other significant relatives : 

Aunt Gigi who raised him. Uncle Thomas who is his nemesis


Confidence Ryan 


Hayes’ parents are from Texas and are descendants of European settlers, as far as he knows. 

Place of birth: Houston, tx

Places he’s lived:   

Houston, TX, Positano, Italy, New York City. 

Best friend: 

His brother, Stone. 




Hayes is a tall, strapping man with a stature that screams power and strength. He’s got dark curly hair, hazel/green eyes, and jaw that could cut glass. He’s got a close trimmed beard, a killer smile and keen gaze. 


Sense of style: 

He’s got expensive taste and doesn’t like a fuss, so he has a tailor who makes him his signature suits. When the occasion is casual, he dresses down but keeps it as clean as he does in a suit. 



He’s too busy ruling the universe for hobbies. When he has free time, he likes to sleep. 



Hayes has an MBA and worked in corporate accounting before he came of age and stepped into the role of Chairman for his family’s conglomerate, Kingdom. 


Q&A with Hayes

1.) What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Telling the truth saves everyone a lot of time. 


2.) Do you have any secret talents that might surprise people?

No. If I’m good at something, I put it to good use. If something doesn’t come naturally I avoid doing it. Like talking to people. I’d rather not. 


3.) do you believe in karma?

Absolutely, it’s the only thing that kept me from becoming a vigilante. It may not be the way you gave it out. But,  I think everything we put out into the world comes back to us, good and bad. 


4.) what’s something money hasn’t been able to buy

Love. But it paid for the plane ticket that took me Italy where I met the woman who defines that word for me. 


5. ) do you relate to any historical figures?

I relate to the explorers who lived before we had maps. I admire and seek to be like the men looked at the earth’s horizon and saw the edge of the world. But instead of accepting it as fact, the looked to their left and right, saw a tiny curve and decided to sale toward the edge of the world to see what was there. I want to be the kind of leader who thinks outside the box, who takes chances no one else will, and who believes in what he’s doing.

Daughter of the south, an advocate for all she holds dear, Confidence wears her name like a crown. Passionate, brave and no nonsense, it’s little surprise that when Hayes meets her, he’s sure that shoes the woman he wants by his side. But Confidence isn’t content to be anyone’s sidekick.  A lawyer by profession, Confidence is ready to create her own legacy in Rivers Wilde


Books she appears in

Main character:

The Legacy 

The Gathering

Side character:

The Jezebel


Personal background




Tesoro , Turd Blossom


Dot and Ricky Ryan 


Happiness and Fortune

Partner : 

Hayes Rivers 


Confidence’s people have lived along the Mississippi River in rural Arkansas as far as she can trace back. Her results told her that her origins lie in Scandinavia.  

Place of birth: 


Current location:

Houston, Texas.  

Best friend:





Confidence is a classic blonde bombshell. She’s got clear blue eyes and sun kissed skin. She’s petite and curvy. 


Sense of style: 

She grew up outside and was barefoot a lot. She loves getting dressed up - whether for work or a wedding. But she also loves the feel of cool soil beneath her feet and the feel of the sun and breeze on her skin, so shorts and tank tops are her wardrobe staple when she’s just out and about. 



She loves to travel. 



She’s the first person in her family to go to college. She went to law school and began her career in big law and has become an expert in the area of law that focuses on insurance companies responsibility after natural disasters. 



1.) What’s your biggest fear?

Drowning - in water, in man, in my own fear. 


2.) What makes you feel proud of yourself?

That I went to law school and created a career when I was born for none of those things. 


3.) what’s your biggest flaw?

I’m stubborn and hate asking for help. 

4.) what do you do better than anyone else you know?

I survive. 

5. ) what’s something you wish you never had to do again?

Run from a rising river.

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